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Our Family Case Management services focus on assessing family needs and providing essential resources. We work with diverse clients, including those facing homelessness, mental health challenges, or involvement in child welfare or criminal justice systems.

Once a client is seen and an intervention completed, it is essential that an extensive network of medical, psychological, and addiction services personnel are available for input and assistance to the client. Lemoine Interventions has a thorough and extensive network of professionals available to meet our client’s needs. We also have relationships with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and detox facilities to expedite transfers for immediate needs. It is important for the Client and their loved ones to know that our staff will know which course of action to take. We will work with you to determine the best program to be referred to and will make sure that Insurance Information is reviewed prior to placement. This process is often emotionally painful for the Client and their loved ones. We respond, assess, and refer with no judgement or criticism of the Client or their loved ones. These are difficult situations and we are there to help.


  1. Rebuilding trust
  2. Build healthy communication based on honesty and respect
  3. Identify specific addictive patterns within the family system and identify new healthy recovery approaches
  4. Establish family agreements to assist in family unification
  5. Help clear the air of tension and old offenses

Key Services

Needs Assessment
We evaluate family needs and create personalized plans.
Resource Coordination
We connect families with community resources, such as housing, counseling, and legal assistance.
We advocate for families within various systems to ensure their well-being.
Crisis Intervention
We address immediate family crises and provide support. Lemoine Interventions will also offer ongoing support after an intervention has happened.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man with addiction sharing mental health issues with group at aa meeting
What does family case management involve?
It includes assessing family needs, coordinating resources, and advocating for their well-being. Continuous support for all parties
How do you handle crisis situations within families?

Our team provides immediate crisis intervention and connects families to appropriate services. See our Addiction Crisis Intervention page if you need immediate help or call us at 386-846-6672

What types of resources can families access through case management?
Families can access housing assistance, mental health services, legal aid, and more.