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Our Addiction Crisis Intervention services address urgent situations related to substance abuse. We collaborate with clients, families, and professionals to provide immediate support and guide individuals toward recovery.

Lemoine Interventions have staff that are specialists in Crisis Management. They are able to respond to clients and situations, and provide Intervention Services, in order to determine the best course of action to take. This is necessary to diffuse the situation and provide relief to both the Client and their loved ones. The approach we use also involves preparedness by our staff. In many cases, client histories have already been taken enabling us to plan for a course of action and treatment if necessary. However, no action of any kind is taken until the client is seen and assessed. Information provided during the initial interview may be very helpful, but these situations are volatile and sometimes unpredictable. Under most circumstances, our staff will need to see the client in order to assess his/her needs and develop a treatment plan. As we Treatment Center personnel on our staff, in some cases transfers can be made very quickly.

Key Services

Emergency Response
We respond promptly to crisis situations, offering emotional support and practical assistance.
Assessment and Referral
We assess the severity of the crisis and refer individuals to appropriate treatment.
We work closely with medical professionals, law enforcement, and community resources.
Our goal is to stabilize the situation and encourage individuals to seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man with addiction sharing mental health issues with group at aa meeting
What is an addiction crisis intervention?
It’s an immediate response to urgent substance abuse situations, providing support and guidance
How can I recognize when an intervention is needed?
Signs include severe substance use, overdose risk, or dangerous behavior.
What steps are involved in crisis intervention?
Assessing the situation, collaborating with professionals, and stabilizing the individual.