Located in Port Orange, Florida, Lemoine Interventions provides addiction counseling and drug intervention services. We specialize in offering multicultural support and can assist in various languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, German, Italian, Creole, and French.

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Karen & Bob

Karen Chrapek and Bob Lemoine met in 1984 at a recovery meeting in Connecticut that Karen helped start. They didn’t connect until a mutual friend arranged for them, on Bob’s behalf, to go to a Stevie Wonder concert. Since that day, their relationship has blossomed into a marriage that is based on love and mutual respect.

Their close relationship got even closer in 2008 when Bob was almost killed in a car wreck. That accident set off a chain of events that led to his getting a miraculous liver transplant. The experience of being Bob’s caregiver made Karen more appreciative of life, and their relationship is stronger than ever. Every day together is a precious gift.

Based on the joy of their relationship success, Karen and Bob bring a passion and commitment to helping others. Especially families whose loved ones struggle with addiction.

Karen and Bob

Our Mission

Lemoine Interventions is dedicated to the principles of dignity and respect for client and family involvement. It is our belief that by working within the family structure with love and care, the opportunity for recovery is immediate and lasting.

Two people talking to the depressed person
coach with diverse people during therapy counseling

Our Vision

At Lemoine Interventions, we’re all about helping individuals overcome addiction. Our focus is on delivering effective intervention services that free people from their grip. Our aim is to employ top-notch professional intervention practices, employing evidence-based modalities for a positive outcome. We’re committed to inclusivity, serving everyone without limitations based on race, creed, financial well-being, or social status.

Our Objectives

  • Assure all clients are treated with the utmost respect.
  • Assist family members and friends in identifying recovery resources and solution-based treatment.
  • Offer effective intervention services and after-care recovery support services; such as recovery coaching, life coaching and family case management.
  • Assure services and support, based on best practices, are provided by qualified, compassionate Interventionists and recovery coaches.
  • Assure the family members of continued support and aftercare services.
  • Advise appropriate family referrals to other programs as appropriate.
  • Continue as a resource to support family members.
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Our Team

Our team of dedicated staff will guide and assist please view their biographies and contact us to discuss any issues we can assist you with:

Robert (Bob) Lemoine

Robert (Bob) Lemoine

Founder of Lemoine Interventions

Karen Chrapek

Karen Chrapek

Director of Donor Relations/Program Fidelity

Patricia M. Pike

Patricia M. Pike

Founder of CanAm Interventions



Extensive experience in crisis management

Transplant Specialist

Organ and tissue transplantation is one of the most complex, serious procedures in medicine. It requires a precise diagnosis, a team of experts from a variety of specialties that understand not just the surgery, but the underlying health issues making the surgery necessary. And it requires dedicated health providers after the transplant to ensure a full recovery.

If you are considering accepting an organ from a donor and have questions that only a previous recipient can answer, call me for accurate information as I have been transplanted since 01/21/2010. Discussion can focus on patient survival, organ acceptance and how quickly a person receives a transplant.

Contact Us

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance abuse challenges, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is here to help you overcome your challenges and achieve a healthier, happier life.